Bungee Dog Leash 34″to48″

Bungee Dog Leash 34″to48″

Bungee Dog Leash 34"to48"

Whether you need a luggage attachment strap, tie-downs for the cargo on your truck or colorful nylon webbing for a promotional product, we’ve got you covered at Strapworks. With a massive selection of strapping types, materials, sizes and colors, it’s easy to find exactly what you need when you browse our site. We’re committed to providing high-quality products while still making it fun to customize what you order. When it’s so easy to get webbing that fits both practical purposes and your stylistic preferences, you’ll never shop for strapping or tie-downs anywhere else.

Strapworks’ Bungee dog leash is a stretchy dog leash made with ultra-comfortable tubular nylon webbing. Tubular nylon will “roll” in your hand when under stress, unlike flat nylon that just digs in. We add bungee cord inside the webbing. If your pup should take off unexpectedly, you won’t get a bone jarring shock. Instead, the bungee effect of the elastic will lessen the impact, and usually cause the dog to stop due to the unfamiliar feeling of the leash’s pull. If you have an aggressive dog, this is the leash for you. The standard length is 4′ as measured when fully extended. At rest, the leash is about 34 inches long.


Best for large dogs
It is a nice leash but it is far too large for smaller dogs. I will not be able to use it for any of my dogs.
May 22, 2018
1 year ago
I thought it would be longer and easier to stretch out. I have 2 very small dogs and they can’t strech the leash out
I imagine for a bigger and heavier dog, it would work great
October 5, 2017
1 year ago
I love it and use it allot. I am thinking about getting another one.
September 6, 2017
Bungee Dog Leash 34″to48″
Why I Chose This
Great for medium and large pets. Less dig into hand and less hard jerk.

Want to try another concept in leashes

B E. purchased Apr 23, 2019


P M. purchased Dec 17, 2017

Our dog has a leash similar to this one and we have not been able to find one like it in local pet stores.

M O. purchased Feb 25, 2018

Are currently using a similar product and am very happy with the ease of walking our dogs with the stretching quality.

H O. purchased Aug 7, 2017


























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