American Indian and the Spirit

American Indian and the Spirit,

American Indian and the Spirit,

American Indian and the Spirit,

There seems to be a misunderstanding about American Indian and the Spirit. It seems to stem from a misconception about only one God. This is easily brought out into a more informed mentality by using common sense. One of the commandments is no other God before me. This if thought about implies that there are other Gods and if a person would research the topic they will find that virtually every culture has at least one. The Hindu religion is based on 12 Gods and the Egyptians have several each with a particular domain.

The one constant thing that stands out about these beliefs is a higher power. It is written that God follows the Spirit. This is a concept that is promoted by the American Indian and the Spirit. When trying to seek God the Bible promotes fasting and prayer as the way to start. This is the exact method to be guided by the Spirit. It is also the way to become more like God by doing the same things he is known to do. Many try to be more like their leaders in action and thought.

Being raised by my ancestors the Apache and Cherokee American Indians I was taught to follow the Spirit. This involves not taking things into your own hands but using a higher power to do things. There are many techniques or tactics that anyone can use to prove the validity of this to themselves or anyone else. If you have an inclination toward soul hunting as all followers do, trying to get people to swear their soul to their God. I have knowledge and experience in the practical application. I don’t have the intent of trying to separate you from your God. Simply by sharing techniques of the American Indian and the Spirit you can experience things hitherto thought to be beyond your ability.

There You are on the front line…

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