American Indian Meteorite Explosion

American Indian Meteorite Explosion

Being moved by the Spirit is a new experience every time. The one thing you can be assured of is maximum entertainment. Are you ready for a front row seat right on the front line !!!

A single small meteorite, less than three feet and headed right at my head. No time to move, no time. Then explosion, three distinct pieces leaving a fire trail as the shockwave from the explosion hit my face. It was like a fireworks going off too close to your head but the view is front row seat. How I got here is even more incredibly amazing.

Be still! Be quite! Wait!

The only way you will get to see what the Spirit is doing is to watch! While meditating on this I felt an urgency to get up and go outside. As I made it to the porch it happened. My right arm moved while that feeling of being awakened inexplicably aware of knowledge so vast there is no way to relate it. Looking at my arm because I did not make it move it moved pointing up and I was trying to think of why my arm was moving when the thought  of what it was doing came to my mind I realized it was pointing up. As soon as I looked up there it was, coming towards my head and leaving a streak of fire. Incoming Fire!

As the blast from the explosion struck my face the pieces of the meteorite flew only about an arms length before they disintegrated. The sight of it was similar to a firework but watching it close enough to smell it and see the molten metallic looking surface is the best way to see it.

There you are on the Front Line…

American Indian

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