American Indian Trials Tribulations

American Indian Trials Tribulations

American Indian Trials Tribulations

American Indian Trials Tribulations

The Spiritual leaders of the Native American Indians realized there was a problem with the religious interaction between cultures. It was hard to understand at first. We all had to learn more about the ways of the different cultures in order to ascertain what was causing the problems. The main problem being the tendency to incite violence whenever there was a religious gathering.

While trading goods everything seemed to be more peaceful; yet, if the interaction continued into a social environment many times it would cause the same problem, violence.

Finally figured it out that there was a difference in the way the Indian interacts with their higher power and the way other cultures interact through their Lords and God. Each Indian has a personal relationship with the higher power and part of that relationship is to prove their worth. Whether it is intelligence, strength or some gift, it is how they are known in their culture. Highly important and worth noting is breed, as this is part of the future and the higher power plays a major role in marriages. The Indian is a tough, determined, made to last and preserve the future type human. The post,” Spirit Water and The Indian,” is helpful to understanding some of the conflicts within cultural assimilation.

Other cultures have similar traits with different lineages inspired by their higher power. Each one being proud, assured of a future and extremely devoted to their higher power. This in itself is the cause of much debate over who is better equipped for leadership.

The way it is tested is where trials and tribulations comes into this cultural meeting. It is not always obvious what test is being given to whom. Many of these test are handed out as a sign, sign language, or a reference as easy to communicate as a simple gesture such as, straightening your neck, to send the message a stiff necked people. Referring to a stiff necked people means they will not even turn their head to look at another God, much less be open to any kind of influence.

If you understand any of this you can realize even small things can cause a person to enter a trial or tribulation just to prove their worth or at least learn how to use their gift. When learning the gift and using it the religious education is the only reference that a person has to understand what is happening. As things begin to happen most people perceive the events as miracles and only realize that they are the cause of the event. Because of their limited references and biased opinions of who can perform miracles they often think they are Jesus.

Spectators base their actions on proving them not to be their Lord. This is where trials and tribulations starts as a way to prove or disprove the validity of being Jesus. Anyone not well taught in all manners of gifts is immediately in real trouble.

When the spectators run into an old soul talented and well versed in the gifts they are immediately in real trouble. Not realizing the communication is subtle, not the boisterous louder than everyone else, many things are communicated in a very short period of time. It can take years to actively achieve any progress towards completion of your trial or tribulation. You won’t get out of it. Knowing the alternative is why. Quitting is not a choice it is certain defeat. It is easy to understand if you try. Spectators are presenting a challenge, you can’t present a challenge without accepting the consequences of losing. Having a mental breakdown is only one of the less severe ways the consequences manifest themselves.

Myself I have been challenged several times, only by one person, but when they lose and start calling for help it turns into a crowd with bad intentions. That does not make any difference to the outcome of the challenge. It only ruins the celebration for the winner and proves the poor character of the challenger.

A woman at a store in town was determined to challenge the cashier and wanted me to be the Judge. I immediately told her that she could not win. I had been around this cashier many times and had been training her. She was also pregnant making her very sensitive to external stimuli. The feisty woman still would not quit. It was over fast and the cashier won. I looked at her and she looked at me not saying anything, no whining, no complaining  I helped the woman out of the store keeping the spectators back and made sure to give her a sign and the knowledge she needed to continue a peaceful life with her children.

There you are, ready for battle on the front line...

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