See That Look In Her Eye

See That Look In Her Eye

See That Look In Her Eye

See That Look In Her Eye. Have You thought about sign language? The best signs are evident when you talk to women. It’ is in those pretty little eyes, knowing fierce or friendly looks.

She knows it too!

See that look in her eye!

Hunters see that sign too. The way they sniff the air. That twitch before they take off…
Sign language used by everyone, in every culture, everywhere.
Mine is Apache, Cherokee, German, and Irish. Those are the ones directly shown and taught to me.

Natural Movements that go unnoticed to all but a few. When you get near the best of them it becomes obvious quickly. With a couple of hand signs and few words they are in charge.

Does not matter if it’s a man or a woman with a couple of signs and few words they naturally take charge. It is best to help them if you can and let them go their way. No sense chasing them you will only run into obstacles seen and unseen.

Some people call them Angels, Some people call them Ancestors, Spiritual overseers. Names that are associated with famous historical feats of miraculous events. Imagine that!!! If you were there to see and learn those signs Imagine That !!!

What would you know if you were trained to pay attention to these signs?

Could It be like, Majestic?

Could it be Angelic?

What about Ancient?

All of the above…

Maximum Entertainment For best trained of observers. An ancient communication that changes the expected result.

There are few that take the time to learn these things. Some things take a long time just to discover. That one sign, that sign you only get  to see once, It is particular to you in more ways than can be thought of at one time.


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