Young Chief Meeting His Spirit Guide

Young Chief Meeting His Spirit Guide

Young Chief Meeting His Spirit Guide

Young Chief Meeting His Spirit Guide

American Indian. Young Chief Meeting His Spirit Guide. Sign language has been a part of the American Indian culture for as long as the history of the Indian has been taught from generation to generation. A unique sign is associated with each individual tribe. The sign is a reference to the heritage to which they belong as well as the Spirit Guide of the tribe.

While teaching my grandchildren sign that would be important for them to know we embarked on a Spirit walk.

There he came, waving a belt with a rainbow pattern, smiling at me and saying,”Let’s go. Let’s go.”

I knew right then it was going to be a big day for the kids. Little did I realize how important it would be for me too. We loaded the car and took off to Tellico Beach.

On the way there Michael was holding his new belt. I told him that we could act like the car was our horse and lay the belt across the dash for all to see. He liked that idea and agreed.

Upon arrival, Michael grabbed the belt while getting out of the car. As he walked towards the water he began swinging it around over his head. Jasmine and I watched intently as he performed his ritual in his own special way. Immediately there was a feeling of heightened awareness best described as collective intelligence. Only a few people were there and it was obvious that everyone was experiencing the same effect.

One child close by asked his mother what was happening. I heard her tell him,” This is what it’s like being a part of a real community.”

As I walked over Michael headed into the water. Following him out to a rock in the swimming area where we began to talk and enjoy the moment. Then it showed up landing on the rock right in front of Michael.

A dragonfly, a beautiful dragonfly colored like a rainbow. It was a different color at each section of it’s tail, rainbow banded fluorescent red, green, orange, yellow, blue and pinkĀ  with blueish almost purple fluorescent wings and upper body. An escort was with it that was completely silver.

Michael moved right up to it face to face then turned and asked me,” What do I do Papaw?”

I answered,” Talk to it.”

Michael asked,” What do I say?”

” Say whatever comes to your mind.” I said.

As he talked to the dragonfly I could see it’s mandibles, the mouth, moving in unison with Michael’s. When he was through talking he looked at me again and asked, ” What do I do now?”

I said,” Raise your right arm.”

As he raised his arm the dragonfly raised it’s right front leg.

He lowered his arm and I said,” Raise your left arm.”

Both he and the dragonfly raised their corresponding left arm at the same time. Their Spirits were linked together.

The young Chief had met his Spirit guide.

He was joyous and began to smile and laugh.

I nodded my head to the silver dragonfly, it nodded back.

Then they took flight making a circle and off up river they flew.

Everyone has a spirit guide. They may not realize it. It happens when they are small children and if not taught they are usually just playing and may not even notice when it happens. Some quite simply forget even if they do know it. They lose touch with the world around them.

There are others that have many Spirit guides. Being friends with the world around them. When this happens communication and all kinds of things occur. Things not thought to be possible. All creatures great big or small have abilities that they seldom use and can also interact with the Spirit. You have abilities that you seldom use.

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